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3M R330NA

3 đ
Giá cũ: 40 đ
Mô tả ngắn:
3M R330NA. Colour of product: Multi. Width: 7.6 cm, Height: 7.6 cm
Umbrella Corporation
10 sản phẩm quà

The perfect way to get your message noticed, these self-adhesive, removable coloured notes have revolutionised home, school and office communication. Available in a wide variety of colours and designs, use them to organise your information, wherever you are.

Labels per pack:
Media sheets per package:


Colour of product:

Weight & dimensions

7.6 cm
7.6 cm

These adhesive notes are perfect for creating hypertext, adding remarks and so on. Great tool for screenplay writers!

Nice quality and cheap as dirt. We use it everywhere in our office. Sometimes I even find these adhesive notes on a chessboard or a tea-pot in our relax room!

I use sticky notes for my lecture books and I always have a spare block when I work in the library. The product has really revolutionized the lecturers’ workflow.
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