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3M CL564 equipment cleansing kit

57 đ
Mô tả ngắn:
3M CL564. Width: 18.4 cm, Depth: 26.8 cm, Height: 22 cm
Umbrella Corporation
10 sản phẩm quà
Cleans and disinfects against bacteria and fungi on non-porous office surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, tile, desktops, and glass. Quick and easy way to clean, disinfect and deodorize in one easy step. Excellent for cleaning shared work areas. Pre-moistened and ready to use wipes. Leaves a crisp, citrus scent to help freshen up the office space. 7 in x 8 in wipes. 25-count canister.

Weight & dimensions

26.8 cm
22 cm
1.707 kg
18.4 cm

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